Bringing Canadians Together Through Gaming


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Message from the President & CEO

Over the past two and a half years, Canadians have gone through more change than any of us could have imagined. During this time, video games have provided joy, stress relief and a chance to engage with others. In fact, our 2022 Essential Facts survey found that one of the largest changes in video game use is that it has continued to become more social.

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Canadian Gamers

A lot has changed over the past few years, including the habits and preferences of Canada’s gamers.

Our 2022 survey of Canadian gamers shows online gaming continuing to increase in popularity, with more people using gaming to form community and relationships through connection with fellow players.

Millennials that grew up in the gaming revolution are using video games to bond with their children, and teenagers are using gaming to enrich their social life through forming friendships in the digital world.

One thing that hasn’t changed – is that video games continue to remain an important part of the lives of Canadians across the country.