Game Engagement

Canadians across the country enjoy the power of play, with 53% of Canadians playing video games regularly, averaging 7.9 hours of
play per week.

Although the number of people playing video games decreased slightly this year, 35% of gamers report spending more time playing
this year than last. In addition, the overall number of gamers remains evenly split at 51% women and 49% men.

Most Recent Video Gaming Occasion

Adult Device Owners

Past 4 Weeks Video Gaming Occasion

Base: Adult Own any Devices (4,949)

Past 4-week Video Game usage decreased across all
age and gender groups in 2022 vs. 2020

Time Spent vs. Last Year

Base: Adult played Video Games in Past 4 Weeks (2,575)


Video games are popular for all ages. While teenage boys play the most hours per week overall (11.5), for women the most active
gamers are aged 55-64 years, who play 8.4 hours per week.

Canadian Adult Video Games
players spend an average of
7.8 hours a week
(9.0 hrs in 2020)
playing video games

Canadian Video Games
players 6 to 17 y/o spend an
average of
7.9 hours a week
(13 hrs in 2020)
video games

Overall, Kids and Teens mostly use consoles for gameplay while adults use their phones – something that has remained table over
the past two years.

Video games are popular across the country – with the highest percentage of video game players is in BC, with 59% of the
population playing. The most time spent playing is in Manitoba, where video game players average 9 hours per week.

Video Games Played in Past 4 Weeks and Hours Spent Playing Per Week

Gaming is increasingly moving online. More than 70% of people now play online, and an increasing amount of that game play is
social – with 49% of adults and 70% of teens playing online with other people.

How do you Typically Play Video Games (Adults) ?
Adult Video Games Users

How do you Typically Play Video Games (Kids) ?
Kids/Teen Video Games Users